Modeling Solution

Modeling Solution is a cyber-physical energy platform that with the aid of thermodynamics, energy engineering and machine learning provides energy efficiency, develops patterns for energy consumption and identifies energy conservation opportunities to save energy and reduce costs.

It is easy to use predefined systems or to define new customized energy systems. There are several predefined systems including pumps, compressors, fans, steam and gas turbines, boilers, combined heat and powers (CHPs), heat exchangers and furnaces. Furthermore, user-defined customized systems can be defined and connected to the data source.

The platform can retrieve data from sensors or SQL databases or even csv files in a fast and secured way, of course, separately or simultaneously, and perform the calculations and processing of energy data autonomously.

Modeling Solution offers several interactive infographic features including Sankey, line, bar and pie diagrams that can be easily generated and converted to each other. Also, data can be easily transferred, downloaded or uploaded, to Excel and other spreadsheets.